ISGN Releases LenStar Plus Mortgage Default Management Technology

orp., a provider of technology products and services to the mortgage market, has released LenStar Plus, a workflow solution for managing, automating and streamlining the default process, from delinquency through real estate owned disposition. ISGN says the system has a customizable business rules engine and is highly configurable, so servicers have the flexibility to adapt to market changes or changing business needs. LenStar Plus interfaces with all major servicing platforms. ‘LenStar Plus gives servicers the ability to manage the full range of tasks and responsibilities that have now become a normal part of doing business as a servicer,’ says Chetan Patel, executive vice president for ISGN. ‘They can use one system to manage the entire delinquency or default cycle, whether the loan returns to performing status, participates in government programs, or ultimately results in foreclosure.’ SOURCE: [link=]ISGN


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