LenderMobile Debuts Borrower-Facing App

Burlingame, Calif.-based LenderMobile has launched BorrowerMobile, a borrower-facing app allowing borrowers to communicate directly from their iPad with their mortgage lender to check loan status and mortgage rates, among other information available.

According to the company, BorrowerMobile complements the company's loan-officer-facing LenderMobile+ iPad app, which lets borrows fill in a 1003 mortgage application from their iPad and electronically sign the loan application directly on the iPad screen. The same features are available on BorrowerMobile.

The BorrowerMobile app includes customizable features requested by lenders to give borrowers more on-demand mortgage information, the company adds. With BorrowerMobile, lenders can provide borrowers with the ability to check loan status via their iPad and can feed daily loan rates directly into the app to inform borrowers. The app also includes a rate alert feature that lenders can set up for borrowers, letting them know on the iPad when rates hit their desired target.


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