Lendicom Reports Major Growth, Plans Upgrades


Lendicom, an online commercial mortgage marketplace that allows borrowers and brokers to match their financing requests against the profiles of lenders' programs and submit their requests directly to the matching lenders, says the number of lenders, brokers and borrowers participating in the network has been increasing exponentially over the last six months. More and more loan proposals are being submitted to a wider and wider range of direct commercial lenders through the site.

Recent technical improvements to the site have included a dramatic increase in the speed of the loan matching process itself, which produces the list of loan programs that match a broker's proposal; addition to and reorganization of some of the loan proposal and program questionnaires; and additions to the resources and support sections.

A redesign of the user interface is currently under way, and the addition of a digital document management and exchange module is planned for this summer, the firm adds.

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