Level1Analytics Partners With Mortgage Bankers Association

Level1Analytics LLC, a provider of financial modeling software to the mortgage lending industry, has been selected by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) to redesign the MBA's School of Mortgage Banking simulation model software.

This software is used to train mortgage banking executives and managers in the dynamics of mortgage banking, including best execution decisions. The updated software will be cloud-based and will more accurately reflect the actual interplay between often conflicting drivers of success in the industry.

Level1Analytics says it will use its modeling software expertise to redesign the existing software. The focus will be on cloud-enabling the software, allowing easier access to the program.

‘We are working towards allowing the software to have infinite flexibility for future development and be relatable to current dynamics in the industry for our classroom students,’ says Dr. Thomas Healy, a certified mortgage banker and the president of Level1Analytics.


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