LoanNEX Now Integrated With Encompass TPO Connect


LoanNEX, a provider of pricing and eligibility technology specializing in non-agency products, is now integrated with ICE Mortgage Technology’s Encompass TPO Connect.

The integration gives TPO Connect users simplified access to more loan products supporting more borrowers, LoanNEX says in a release.

LoanNEX says it is setting a new standard for how mortgage originators access and navigate mortgage options for non-traditional borrowers, placing sophisticated pricing and eligibility technology with bi-directional collaboration tools on the same platform.

LoanNEX is currently available to more than 3,500 mortgage originators to process more than 10,000 loans per month through more than 30 investor partners.

Featuring an intuitive and collaborative web interface, LoanNEX combines innovative pricing and eligibility technology with secondary marketing services to streamline the discovery and decisioning process between borrowers, lenders and investors.

LoanNEX also screens more than 100 borrower attributes, providing third party originators with access to many non-QM loan options not available with traditional product and pricing engines (PPEs).

“In today’s expanding market, it is critical for lenders to be able to price loans for any borrower,” says Eloise Schmitz, co-founder and CEO of LoanNEX. “Our partnership with ICE Mortgage Technology makes it easier for correspondent sellers and wholesale brokers to discover new loan options, price loans accurately, and collaborate directly with their partners to grow their business.”

Photo: Jonny Gios

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