LOGS Network Firms Recognized For Bankruptcy And Foreclosure Performance

rms belonging to the LOGS Network, a provider of legal and outsourcing solutions for the residential mortgage industry, received a total of 13 awards at the recent LPS Default Solutions Attorney Summit held in Minneapolis, the group reports. The Performance Excellence award is presented to firms that have maintained a ‘best in class’ status for either foreclosure or bankruptcy attorney performance for 12 consecutive months. LOGS member firms that received the Performance Excellence Award for Bankruptcy are Shapiro & Pickett LLP in Alabama, Shapiro & Burson LLP in Maryland and Virginia, Shapiro & Weisman in Missouri, Shapiro & DeNardo in Pennsylvania, and Shapiro & Kirsch in Tennessee. LOGS member firms that were recognized for Performance Excellence in Foreclosure are Shapiro & Fishman LLP in Florida; Shapiro, Nordmeyer & Zielke LLP in Minnesota; and Shapiro & Cejda LLP in Oklahoma. Summit Awards were awarded to Perry and Shapiro LLC in Arizona for one year. Two-year awards went to Shapiro & Ingle LLP in North Carolina, Shapiro & Swertfeger LLP in Georgia and Shapiro & Sutherland LLC in Oregon. The Summit Award is presented to firms that have maintained "best in class" status in both foreclosure and bankruptcy attorney performance for 12 consecutive months. Additionally, Shapiro & Fishman LLP, Florida, was recognized with the Service Excellence Award for both foreclosure and bankruptcy – an honor presented each year to firms consistently demonstrating the most outstanding service. SOURCE: LOGS


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