LRES Appoints New Executive Vice President, Management Advisor

LRES, a provider of residential and commercial valuations and asset management, has named Alice Sorenson, formerly LRES' chief investment officer (CIO), as executive vice president and management advisor.

Her responsibilities focus on corporate strategic planning, cultivating prospective leads and establishing new business opportunities. Previously, Sorenson served for two years as LRES' CIO and four years as chief operating officer.

Prior to joining LRES, Sorenson served as the senior manager of business development at a national accounting, tax and business advisory firm. Before that, she served in executive leadership positions at financial organizations such as Master Financial Inc., Ameriquest Mortgage Co., Bank of America and FarWest Savings.

"Alice's new role at LRES is a strategic decision for LRES as the company continues to evolve over time," says Roger Beane, CEO of LRES. "Her industry knowledge and broad experience with large institutions is critical to LRES' new phase of growth in the residential and commercial financial services industry."


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