MBA Ranks Top Commercial, Multifamily Mortgage Servicers


The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) released its year-end ranking of commercial and multifamily mortgage servicers as of Dec. 31, 2010.

At the top of the list is Wells Fargo, with $451.1 billion in U.S. master and primary servicing, followed by PNC Real Estate/Midland Loan Services with $337.4 billion; Berkadia Commercial Mortgage, with $194.9 billion, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, with $126.6 billion; and KeyBank Real Estate Capital, with $118.9 billion.

Breaking down the list further, the MBA found that Wells Fargo, PNC/Midland, Berkadia, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and KeyBank are the largest master and primary servicers of commercial/multifamily loans in U.S. commercial mortgage-backed securities, collateralized debt obligations and other asset-backed securities.

PNC/Midland, GEMSA Loan Services, Prudential Asset Resources, Northwestern Mutual, and Northmarq Capital were found to be the largest servicers for life companies, while PNC/Midland, Wells Fargo, Berkadia, Deutsche Bank Commercial Real Estate and Prudential Asset Resources are the largest Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac servicers.

PNC/Midland ranked as the top master and primary servicer of commercial bank and savings institution loans and the top Federal Housing Administration and Ginnie Mae servicer; GEMSA was the top credit company, pension funds, real estate investment trusts, and investment funds servicer; Wells Fargo was the top for mortgages in warehouse facilities; and Berkadia was the top for other investor-type loans.

The MBA survey also collected servicing volumes for loans on commercial/multifamily properties located outside the U.S. Hatfield Philips International ranks as the largest master and primary servicer of non-U.S. commercial/multifamily mortgages, followed by Deutsche Bank, PNC/Midland, GEMSA and Manulife Financial/John Hancock.

The full MBA report is can be viewed here.

SOURCE: Mortgage Bankers Association

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