McGlinchey Stafford Offers Turnkey Mortgage Modification Solution

Law firm McGlinchey Stafford PLLC has introduced its Mortgage Loan Modification Package, which the firm says is a turnkey solution that streamlines the modification process at a per-unit fixed cost.

The Mortgage Loan Modification Package is based on forms appropriate for virtually every possible combination of modification terms, McGlinchey Stafford notes, and it is backed by research on the multitude of legal issues implicated in the process, culminating in complete and rapid document preparation and processing.

‘The solution offered by McGlinchey Stafford meets our demands for legal and technical accuracy, speed and cost," says Brian Doran, chief legal officer with Banco Popular North America, which uses the package to modify loans. "The combination of consumer finance expertise, forms creation and document preparation made it possible for us to turn modifications around in hours as opposed to days or weeks, while greatly minimizing our cost, both in terms of personnel and per-unit expense.’

The Mortgage Loan Modification Package can be completely outsourced to the law firm or can be accessed via the Internet directly by the lender's employees. The solution is capable of modifying conventional and non-agency first- and second-lien mortgages in all 50 states, and is also flexible enough to allow for any customization necessary as a result of evolving economic stimulus initiatives, the firm says.

McGlinchey Stafford: (504) 586-1200

SOURCE: McGlinchey Stafford


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