MCT Releases MSR Technology with Live Loan-Level Pricing


Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT), a mortgage hedge advisory and secondary marketing software firm, has introduced a new technology for mortgage servicing rights (MSR) buyers to produce more granular pricing for mortgage servicing. The feature leverages an application programming interface (API) to connect MSRlive!, MCT’s state-of-the-art MSR valuation platform to clients’ systems for more precise and accurate loan-level pricing in real time.

MCT’s objective is to ensure that its software additions drive more profitability and increase efficiencies. With MCT’s new API, users can effectively develop a pricing strategy that includes key loan-level characteristics, such as property location, FICO, loan-to-value (LTV), and much more in real-time to evaluate a comprehensive set of data that contributes to a winning pricing strategy.

The key takeaway of this new functionality is how it informs users and helps servicing buyers avoid over-paying for potentially underperforming assets. The system’s functionality provides insight for the servicing buyers to ensure that the pricing levels on a loan-by-loan basis are appropriate and justified. 

“The competitive landscape has exposed the challenges with applying static multiples across all LTVs and FICOs and has heightened the importance of a more strategic pricing strategy,” says Bill Shirreffs, head of MSR services and sales operations at MCT. “MCT’s MSRlive! API is specifically designed to provide granular, loan-level, MSR pricing based on your cost assumptions and return expectations. Ultimately, giving you more confidence.” 

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