Mid America Mortgage Now Using NotaryCam by Way of DocMagic Integration


Mid America Mortgage is now using NotaryCam‘s remote online notarization solution by way of DocMagic’s e-mortgage platform.

NotaryCam announced its integration with DocMagic’s Total eClose solution last fall. Because Mid America uses Total eClose, the integration means users have a smooth reliable path to using NotaryCam’s secure online remote notary service.

Total eClose is a comprehensive end-to-end e-closing solution. Using NotaryCam’s service, Mid America can eliminate the need for home buyers and sellers to physically appear before a notary to wet-sign loan documents.

Mid America will leverage the integration throughout its retail, correspondent and wholesale channels.

“Since 2016, Mid America’s strategy has been ‘digital first,’” says Jeff Bode, CEO and owner of Mid America, in a release. “As a result, we have been able to condense our application-to-closing time down to just two weeks and our closing ceremony to 30 minutes or less with our digital mortgage product Click n’ Close.

“[NotaryCam] allows us to double down on our closing efficiency while also providing additional convenience to our customers.,” Bode adds. “The addition of NotaryCam’s remote notary services through our established e-closing partner DocMagic enables us to extend the value we’ve experienced to date through our digital mortgage strategy.”

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