MMI Promotes Heidi Iverson to VP of Strategic Partnerships


Heidi Iverson has been promoted to vice president of strategic partnerships at Mobility Market Intelligence (MMI), which offers data intelligence and market insight tools for the mortgage and real estate industries.

Iverson has been with MMI since 2022, previously serving as regional director of growth. During that time, she has helped MMI’s clientele get the most out of the platform, including identifying growth opportunities to drive adoption and increase return on investment (ROI).

As vice president of strategic partnerships, Iverson will continue to guide MMI clients to fully realize the benefits of MMI’s platform and actionable data intelligence. Building on her effective coaching efforts, Iverson will provide focused attention to MMI’s strategic partners and their business growth goals.

“Since joining MMI, Heidi has helped our clients recognize MMI as an irreplaceable asset for granular market insights and simultaneously become irreplaceable herself,” says Ben Teerlink, founder and CEO of MMI, in a release. “Before coming to MMI, Heidi was a power user of the platform, and those experiences combined with the in-depth knowledge gained on the internal side have given Heidi, and in turn, our clients a unique point of view on the advantages our data can provide.”

“Through my time here, my goal has been to help our clients’ teams build their sales skills by getting back to basics using proven sales strategies in conjunction with data from MMI to gain market share,” Iverson says. “As MMI continues to develop innovative solutions to enhance our offerings and allow our clients to optimize processes, reduce redundancy and reduce costs, I look forward to working with our strategic partners to customize these solutions and amplify MMI’s impact on their long-term growth goals.”

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