Money360 Announces National Expansion Of P2P Marketplace

Ladera Ranch, Calif.-based Money360 Inc. has announced nationwide expansion of its peer-to-peer (P2P) real estate lending marketplace.

According to the company, the Money360 LoanMatch technology enables borrowers to gain immediate access to private lenders with capital focused on their specific loan type and market. Money360 includes borrowers with challenged credit histories and recent foreclosures, as well as self-employed borrowers and borrowers with inconsistent income sources, while private lenders include local investors, real estate investors and private real estate lenders, the company adds.

Money360 has previously operated its P2P marketplace for residential and commercial properties based in California.

‘Borrowers who are otherwise being turned down by banks are taking advantage of Money360's unique ability to match them to private lenders who make loans secured with real estate and who will directly manage the loan,’ says Evan Gentry, CEO of Money360.


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