Mortech, Kroll Integrate To Enhance Pricing Engine Software

Lincoln, Neb.-based Mortech, a Zillow business providing mortgage technology software solutions, has integrated its Marksman pricing engine feature and software with Kroll Factual Data Inc.

‘The integration will benefit loan officers by allowing them to seamlessly pull credit through Marksman. In the past, loan officers had to leave the system in order to retrieve this information for pricing,’ says Don Kracl, vice president of mortgage tools at Zillow Inc. ‘In addition, the integration with Kroll Factual Data allows loan officers to access credit reports earlier in the process so they can provide more accurate loan pricing and customer service.’

Mortech says loan officers can now review an HTML-formatted credit report directly from Kroll Factual Data or import it directly into the Marksman loan application. If the borrower is deemed to be qualified, the data can then be exported directly into the loan origination software – therefore, increasing loan officer efficiency, according to Mortech. In addition, loan administrators also can determine which loan officers have access to the Kroll Factual Data credit report, says Mortech.


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