Mortgage Cadence Releases Latest Version of Loan Origination System


Mortgage Cadence, an Accenture company, has released version 3.0 of its Mortgage Cadence Platform (MCP) loan origination system (LOS).

“Version 3.0 includes dozens of improvements and new features, including improved data security, safer interactions with lender partners, and more power to expand their product menus,” says Mortgage Cadence’s Seth Hooper. “We’ve made significant investments in performance to ensure that, when the market turns, our users will be ready to grow. MCP is the industry’s only platform to support both forward and reverse products. This new release will allow lenders to go further, faster with more product choices and better system performance.”

Hooper points out that keeping pace with new security threats and industry requirements will always be part of future updates, but said Version 3.0 provides lenders with the power to manage their own security protocols efficiently and in a manner that doesn’t slow down their businesses.

Version 3.0 expands the platform’s key functionality with new integrations and enhancements to existing integrations for title, credit, secondary marketing and more. By extending its services layer, MCP has created a secure ecosystem for lenders that delivers efficiency and lower costs, the company says.

Delivered in Microsoft Azure, MCP provides a secure, scalable system, accessible from anywhere and on any device. The platform is easily configurable, offering rules-based workflow, leading UI designer tools and an open architecture designed to meet the needs of today’s lenders.

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