Mortgage Executive Consulting Partners With Texas CFO Group

In today's mortgage industry, many lenders, especially independents, cannot afford to retain a full-time chief financial officer (CFO), but still need the expertise a seasoned CFO brings to the business. Other lenders have a CFO that could use some help.

To help meet this need, new start-up Mortgage Executive Consulting LLC has joined forces with Texas CFO Group LLC to offer expanded CFO and controller services for mortgage bankers nationwide.

Matt Kiker, who recently founded Mortgage Executive Consulting, and David Brown, CPA of Texas CFO Group, are seasoned mortgage industry professionals with expertise in all areas of the origination business. Together, they provide everything a mortgage company needs from a CFO, without the overhead of another executive compensation package.

‘We are two CFOs with years of hands-on experience in the mortgage industry offering project-based consulting for executives and accounting services that audit and tax preparers do not offer,’ says Kiker, who also serves as Mortgage Executive Consulting's managing director.

The pair has recognized that many small lenders need help cleaning up their financial records and restructuring accounts.

‘Now, small lenders can get help implementing their plans and staying on course,’ Brown says. ‘Once the short-but-intense process of our assessment is complete and the improvements we propose are implemented, we can help a lender stay on track with a custom maintenance plan that can be as extensive or abbreviated as is needed.’

‘Mortgage Executive Consulting is committed to providing the very best in advisory services for the mortgage industry,’ adds Kiker. ‘Accounting is the natural place to begin any improvement initiative, and a clean set of books is like having a clean desk when we start our day.’

Kiker launched Mortgage Executive Consulting to offer assistance in the areas of accounting, capital markets, operations, information technology, vendor management, due diligence, transitional management and employee engagement to mortgage bankers nationally.

After serving as CFO and board member at RMC Vanguard Mortgage Corp. for the past six years, Kiker recognized that all mortgage companies need to cut overhead, improve profitability and shave days off of their process times. He launched Mortgage Executive Consulting to provide mortgage companies with the resources they need to provide executive level expertise, training and leadership without an executive compensation plan attached.

Mortgage Executive Consulting recently announced the roll-out of its accounting services, where it can fulfill or augment the duties of a controller, CFO or anyone in between on a monthly or other periodic basis. Assessments in the areas of accounting, secondary marketing, operations and technology can point to the strengths and weaknesses within a company's business model, and Mortgage Executive Consulting can help identify and correct deficiencies while maintaining the strongest elements of the business.


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