Mortgage Lender Newfi Deploys Indecomm GeniusWorks


Indecomm, a provider of mortgage technology and services, says multi-channel lender Newfi has adopted Indecomm’s GeniusWorks platform: a proprietary automation solutions suite for mortgage setup, processing and underwriting.

GeniusWorks is designed to streamline all workflow, processes, decisions and tasks within the middle office of the origination process, giving Newfi associates more time to focus on high-value customer engagement initiatives.

“Cutting-edge technology and services like GeniusWorks enable us to focus on what matters most: cultivating relationships with our home-buying customers, reducing unnecessary process burden on our staff, and driving an optimized, efficient, and cost-effective mortgage operation,” says Steve Abreu, CEO at Newfi.

The GeniusWorks solution uses Indecomm’s Genius suite of automation products to automate an estimated 70% of middle-office tasks and processes, reducing manual touchpoints on the part of Newfi associate, and accelerating the underwriting decision. Wherever manual intervention is needed, Indecomm’s staff of processors and underwriters seamlessly pick up from where automation left off.

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