Mortgage Software Firm Black Knight Awarded Two Patents


Black Knight has been awarded two patents for technology developments related to its Data Hub and asynchronous sensors.

The Data Hub aggregates, links and stores data from Black Knight’s technology applications with public records and third-party data sources to help clients improve customer service, financial performance, productivity and compliance.

Asynchronous sensors are used in Black Knight’s technology-assisted appraisal review solutions to validate and identify missing information during the appraisal report review process.

“These patents underscore the degree to which Black Knight’s innovation is helping to transform the mortgage industry,” says Anthony Jabbour, CEO for Black Knight, in a release. “We continue to develop new and innovative solutions with a sense of urgency and a profound commitment to our clients and the industry at large.”

Black Knight points out that these patents have applicability both within the mortgage industry and in other industries.

Data Hub is the foundational technology used to support the Black Knight Actionable Intelligence Platform (AIP). It is a Data as a Service (DaaS) solution designed to help mortgage lenders and servicers better manage their extensive data assets.

By aggregating, storing and linking multiple data sources in one central, secure location, AIP leverages the Data Hub to produce actionable intelligence that helps mortgage lenders and servicers improve operations and compliance, grow their businesses and reduce processing time, costs and risk.

The asynchronous technology pre-validates documents, checking for missing information to help aid reviewers and underwriters in the review of appraisal reports.

Black Knight’s technology-assisted appraisal review solutions use this to validate appraisals ordered and managed through its Exchange technology.

The solution automatically conducts a quality control review to identify risks within appraisal reports. This review helps underwriters automate, standardize and simplify appraisal reviews without manual processing.

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