MortgageDashboard Goes Wide-Screen

MortgageDashboard has updated its flagship mortgage software for lenders with a new user interface, including enhanced graphical elements that reduce complexity.

Version 5's new user interface now harnesses the full width of the screen. As such, graphs, lead pipelines and forms are easier to view, as they are spaced apart comfortably. The company claims that by giving users a generous ‘display density,’ they will be able to process more information at a time while exerting less effort.

Version 5 also features a new color scheme that draws attention to more popular icons while offering increased clarity. Incorporating concepts from color psychology, loan officers can now spend less time navigating through bulky loan applications and lead pipelines.

The revamped interface also sports new tabulated forms that give users immediate access to the information they want. Displayed in organized, horizontal tabs, loan officers can view the entire contents of a loan application without endlessly scrolling. This makes navigating through forms like the loan application, good faith estimate and credit application more straightforward.

‘We have spent the summer re-imagining how users should experience loan origination software,’ says Jorge Sauri, chief technology officer for MortgageDashboard. ‘We believe this new interface is conducive to better functionality and a more streamlined workflow. With what we've been able to achieve together, we see Version 5 as a new beginning for loan origination software.’

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