MountainView Rebrands To MountainView Financial Solutions


MountainView Capital Holdings is now MountainView Financial Solutions.

The company says in a release the name change and rebranding better reflects its diverse offering of professional services.

The rebranding also includes a new logo and also a new website at

MountainView has previously operated under multiple service names, including MountainView Servicing Group, MountainView Capital Group, MountainView Risk Advisors, MountainView IPS and McGuire Performance Solutions.

As per the announcement, MountainView Financial Solutions specializes in the valuation and pricing of mortgage servicing rights, loans and other hard-to-value financial assets. The company provides independent, accurate, transparent and timely fair value measurements and price verifications, as well as the related risk management metrics, for a variety of assets.

MountainView also offers a comprehensive suite of customizable credit and interest rate risk management solutions. The company assists clients in better understanding and addressing the underlying balance sheet and income statement risks across the entire spectrum of assets and liabilities. MountainView’s services provide clients with the ability to meet their regulatory and profitability goals by bringing greater precision to modeling cash flows, market exposures, prepayment rates and other variables.

MountainView also offers model risk management via a team that understands the substantial challenges and risks that financial models can present and the related potential for lost opportunities and unforeseen exposures. The company offers its clients extensive guidance on model use, governance and assumptions. MountainView also validates ALM models, capital stress test models, mortgage servicing rights models and other financial models used by all sizes and types of financial institutions.

Meanwhile, MountainView’s transaction advisory group focuses on supporting the needs of the firm’s clients in whole loan and mortgage servicing right purchase and sale transactions. The company’s extensive network of clients ensures that it can assist its clients in obtaining the best execution possible, whether they are buying or selling mortgage-related assets.

For whole loan buyers in need of more extensive support, MountainView offers sourcing, pricing and bidding, due diligence, transaction management, credit oversight and asset management services.

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