Nations Lending Chooses Blend to Simplify Mortgage Origination


To streamline the mortgage origination process and build a consistent, cost-optimized lending platform, Nations Lending Corp. will utilize Mortgage Suite created by cloud banking service provider Blend

“We had a point-of-sale solution before, but we were looking at building this holistic digital platform that is much more consistent from front to back,” says Andrew Moore, vice president of software engineering at Nations Lending. “If you’re asking a borrower to create three different accounts during the process, from lead to closing to funding, that’s incredibly painful.”

Nations Lending’s adoption of other Blend mortgage products helped four of the lender’s employees earn a spot on the Scotsman Guide’s 2023 list of top mortgage originators. Nations Lending has also been recognized for helping to expand access to homeownership through incorporating positive rental history with Blend technology.

“A lot of the industry is approaching the current downturn as ‘let’s batten down the hatches and weather the storm,’ but at Nations we’re looking at this differently,” says Moore. “We’re focusing on making sure the money we spend is valuable and has a return, and we feel like we’re getting that with Blend.”

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