Nations Valuation Services Bolts Anow’s Platform to its In-House System


Nations Valuation Services (NVS), the appraisal services division of the Nations Companies, has integrated Anow’s appraisal management system with its proprietary management system, AppraisalTRAX.

In effect, NVS has added the features and capabilities of Anow’s system to its own, in-house system.

This means that the 16,000+ appraisers nationwide that submit to NVS will now do so through Anow. As such, the entire NVS appraisal network can tap into the platform’s time-saving and collaboration features.

Matthew Scott, executive vice president of operations for NVS, says the company “spent a long time searching for a way to achieve a stronger level of communication with our appraisers across the country.”

“Anow’s consolidated platform really impressed us, because it allows appraisers to work with multiple clients through a single portal,” Scott says in a release.

Appraisers face increasing pressure from lenders and AMCs to upgrade from a patchwork of legacy desktop applications to systems capable of delivering real-time communication, mass collaboration and a modern borrower experience. Mortgage lenders have already begun adopting digital processes from origination to closing in pursuit of efficiencies and loan quality improvements.

Anow claims to have the industry’s first unified appraisal tracking platform from which appraisal businesses can efficiently manage orders, clients and fees. Built to drive dynamic appraisal businesses of every size and stripe, Anow allows fully customized workflows, automated status updates, end-to-end activity tracking, unlimited scalability and rapid setup.

The platform’s proprietary calendaring system enables smart, rapid response to mortgage lenders’ “turn-on-a-dime” demands, the company says, matching the right appraiser with the right property to ensure that tight underwriting requirements and closing deadlines are met.

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