N.C. Housing Finance Agency Gets Direct Access To Loan Info

McDonald Computer Corp. and Charlotte, N.C.-based loan servicer Marsh Associates Inc. have partnered to provide Web-based loan access to the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency.

Marsh Associates expects to convert to McDonald Computer's Web/T.I.M.E. system later this month and give the North Carolina housing agency full Web-based access to loans originated through its first-time home buyer program.

The North Carolina first-time home buyer program through which Marsh Associates originates loans is funded by mortgage revenue bonds. McDonald Computer says the Web/T.I.M.E. system will allow the agency to view loan information online instantly, instead of having to request Marsh Associates to pull the information for them.

"This will be a huge time-saver for us because it will give our clients the ability to view loan information on their own and have access to it when they need it," says Tammy King, mortgage servicing manager with Marsh Associates.

SOURCE: McDonald Computer Corp.


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