NetDirector Deploys Integration


NetDirector, a provider of cloud-based data and document exchange services for the mortgage servicing industry, recently launched the interface.

The company's developers and its client Wilson & Associates successfully integrated the new service and have begun submitting eligible properties to, an online real estate marketplace for residential and commercial properties.

NetDirector says it has made it easy for current customers to quickly ramp up to this new automated service by utilizing their existing connection to the company.

‘This new interface will make working with more efficient and more transparent for NetDirector customers,’ says Eric Johnson, senior vice president of ‘As real estate transactions move online, products and services used in the process need to evolve and improve as well.’

When a default attorney needs to post a foreclosed property to a website, they have to manually submit the information or use a data feed. The new NetDirector interface speeds the process by automating submissions to

‘Our team has [designed and implemented] this new set of bi-directional, sale-type transactions, providing both and our attorney network [with] many time-saving benefits,’ comments Harry Beisswenger, CEO of NetDirector.

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