New California Law Prohibits Smoking In Multifamily Housing

10632_nosmoke New California Law Prohibits Smoking In Multifamily Housing Residents of California's multifamily housing units may no longer smoke in the comfort of their homes.

The Sacramento Bee reports that a new state law went into effect on Jan. 1 that gives landlords the right to prohibit smoking within their properties. The law requires landlords to use their lease and rental agreements to clearly specify prohibitions on smoking.

‘While more than 86 percent of Californians do not smoke, there is currently very little smoke-free housing in California,’ says State Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Los Angeles, who authored the new law. ‘Living in multifamily housing should not compromise the health of renters or their children.’

Padilla's legislation was signed into law on Sept. 6 and received the backing from health-related nonprofit organizations including the American Diabetes Association and the California Medical Association. However, one smokers' advocacy group questioned the effort that went into creating the law.

‘Landlords have the right to ban smoking in their complexes,’ says Robert Best, western region director of Smoker's Club Inc. ‘But I don't think the state should be attacking smokers while the country is going down the toilet.’


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