New TMG Black Capital Helps Agents Delve into Commercial Mortgages


HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc. and TMG have launched TMG Black Capital to empower mortgage agents and bridge the gap to commercial mortgage brokering.

“I came up with HALO to innovate the commercial banking industry,” says Stephen Thomas, CEO at HALO. “Black capital is what the mortgage industry has been missing. Black empowers mortgage agents and brokers to pursue excellence in this industry and access commercial how they want.”

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with and support Stephen and the HALO and TMG Black Capital team at TMG The Mortgage Group,” states Mark Kerzner, president and CEO at TMG The Mortgage Group. “There has always been much mutual respect for our respective award-winning organizations, and I am excited to leverage their unique skills in further supporting our brokers’ commercial mortgage needs.”

The benefits of this new partnership include proprietary commercial and residential lender access, commercial and residential training for mortgage agents, and bridging the gap between commercial and residential mortgage brokering for agents looking to grow with commercial mortgage brokering.

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