New Tool from DataTrace Helps Title Companies ID Opportunities for Growth


DataTrace Information Services, a provider of data and automation solutions to the title and settlement services industry, recently launched MarketView, a new reporting tool that provides title companies with instant access to accurate market insights, such as existing market share, that help them evaluate growth opportunities and gain a competitive edge.

Increasing market fluctuations create challenges for title companies that rely on property sale and mortgage origination reports to identify metrics that drive their business development, DataTrace says in a release. The ability to search nationwide by state, county, city and ZIP code enables title companies to invest wisely by allocating resources in accordance with market activity.

With extensive reporting options, MarketView’s customer query engine provides tailored visibility into a title company’s specific areas of interest through an intuitive, online user experience.

Flexible delivery options, including automated report generation via email, promote efficiency, allowing users to instantly and routinely share key metrics across their organization.

Trend, Loan Officer and Title/Lender Intersection reports provide a competitive edge by helping to identify potential customers and maintain relationships with key partners.

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