New Tool Matches Field Services Companies To Contractors And Vice Versa


East Point Systems, which offers software solutions for the default mortgage field services industry, has launched, a new business-to-business ‘matchmaker’ that streamlines and expedites the process of connecting buyers and sellers of services in the default mortgage field services industry.

The new website offers field services companies a pre-qualified network of contractors. This way, they can post a job and quickly find a qualified contractor.

By the same token, qualified contractors looking for additional work can register and promptly find work with a reputable company.

East Point Systems says Service Depot will be operated as a separate business.

In a release, Dan Allen, president of Service Depot, explains that he got the idea for the new, free service a few years ago, when a lender called and informed him that there was a violation at a property that needed to be resolved by the next morning, before the lender went to court.

‘[Because] it was my customer, and I wanted to be their go-to guy, I said, 'Yes,'’ Allen recalls. ‘Once I received the work order, I understood why no one else wanted to perform the work for the bank: Instead of boarding windows, they needed someone to brick the windows shut. Pretty absurd, but in that particular city, that was the rule at the time. How would I find a qualified person in a short period of time to resolve what was now my problem? This is just one of the reasons why we created’

The new website is free – new service provider members just need to complete a profile outlining their industry, services provided, area(s) of coverage, trade licenses, insurance coverage levels and other qualifications. When a national, regional or local company submits a request for a service provider, they will only receive responses from qualified contractors.

‘Service Depot is a unique tool for contractors, national field service companies and regional field service companies,’ says Tom Margarido, CEO of East Point Systems, in the release. ‘Service Depot not only provides opportunities and resources inside and outside of the mortgage field service industry, but the release of this tool comes at a time when the mortgage field service industry is in transition. Service Depot can play a key roll in connecting service providers with new clients and connecting potential clients with service providers as the type of work within the industry changes, reshapes and shifts.’

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