NHI Enters $20M Loan Participation Agreement With Capital Funding Group

al Health Investors Inc. (NHI), a healthcare real estate investment trust, has agreed to provide funding of up to $20 million in a loan participation agreement with an affiliate of Capital Funding Group (CFG), a commercial mortgage lender specializing in healthcare loans. CFG has provided more than $1.5 billion nationally in Federal Housing Administration-insured mortgages. NHI's loan participation agreement is targeted for CFG's borrowers that desire bridge loans to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development financing, NHI says. The company, which will have the final approval on each commitment, has already funded $1 million of a total loan from CFG of $6.1 million to a third-party borrower for the purchase of a 125-bed skilled-nursing facility built in 2006 in Navasota, Texas. This bridge loan is for a period of one year. SOURCE: [link=http://www.nhinvestors.com]National Health Investors Inc.


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