North Carolina Law Firm Adopts Pavaso’s E-Closing Platform


Ivey & Eggleston, a law firm based in Asheboro, N.C., is now using Pavaso’s digital closing platform to enhance the closing experience for brokers, agents, lenders, home buyers and sellers. 

Ivey & Eggleston offers representation in a wide variety of legal matters, including residential and commercial real estate transactions.

S. Scott Eggleston, attorney and owner of Ivey & Eggleston, says the firm is an early adopter of e-closing technology.

“Ivey & Eggleston’s relationship with Pavaso allows us to offer our clients an innovative alternative to a traditional closing,” Eggleston says in a release. “E-closings will help save time and money, and prevent frustration throughout the transaction.” 

Pavaso brings together all parties involved in a closing onto a single- shared platform where they can securely communicate, collaborate and exchange information.

“We are excited to work with Ivey & Eggleston to advance their closings to a digital process that will allow them to provide a superior customer experience, streamline processes and deliver a faster, more efficient closing,” says Cheryl Baillis, executive vice president of operations at Pavaso.

Pavaso made news in October when it announced a new suite of e-closing tools including remote online notary and SMART note capabilities.

The company’s platform now provides a one-stop digital closing shop that empowers all parties involved in mortgage transactions to consistently increase efficiency, eliminate errors, improve workflow and create more informed consumers, leading to faster, more efficient closings.

The new features enable lenders, title companies, agents and borrowers to electronically e-deliver early disclosures, e-sign documents, remotely e-notarize documents, e-close loans, execute full e-notes and deliver closed loan files to an e-vault.

Mark McElroy, CEO of Pavaso, says the firm’s “unified and collaborative portal – in addition to tools like Remote Online Notary and Pavaso SMART Note – will not only help lenders attain the digital transformations they are looking for, they will also help lenders deliver the ultimate customer experience.”

The new remote online notarization tool enables remote closings to be conducted anywhere, on any device, in as little as 15 minutes, the company says.

With this tool, Pavaso commissions qualified, experienced closing agents to remotely notarize documents, helping lenders, title companies and consumers experience a faster and more convenient closing.

Nancy Pratt, vice president of partner relations and government affairs for Pavaso, says the tool “satisfies a key requirement for lenders that wish to make a digital transformation.”

She adds that the tool “is already being used in four states that allow remote notarizations.”

“With more states adopting remote notarizations, we expect demand for remote online notarizations will continue to grow,” Pratt says. “[In 2018] alone, five more states have adopted legislation around this technology.”

The suite also includes Pavaso SMART Note, a tool that generates compliant, tamper-sealed SMART Doc eNotes to increase collateral control.

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