NTC Offers New Lien Release Services

Palm Harbor, Fla.-based Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. (NTC) has released ReleaseLINK, a new Web service feature for lien release clients. Features include advanced ability for data entry, quality control, exception file clearing and online order placement for releases and county research.

ReleaseLINK is being offered to existing clients for no additional fee. New clients will also incorporate these new features as a standard value-added service for no additional cost beyond the standard lien release processing fees, the company says.

Clients can access ReleaseLINK through the Secure Client Access portal on NTC's Web site. The service's data-entry options include both complete full-order entry and partial-order entry. The system has built-in prompts to enter all the information necessary to prepare a release according to each unique county and state requirement, NTC adds.

The exception queue feature allows clients to access loans that have been deemed an exception during the release process due to missing information required to prepare a recordable release or deemed an exception by the client. Clients can view all exceptions and missing information fields, and to resolve and clear the exceptions, clients either enter in the information needed or request NTC to research and resolve the exception.

SOURCE: Nationwide Title Clearing


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