NTS Unveils New Platform Adding Insurance Tracking And UCC

National Tax Search (NTS), a provider of property tax management and flood determination services, has developed a new, bundled solution that will incorporate not only tax and flood, but also new services such as insurance tracking and uniform commercial code (UCC).

The new platform was unveiled during the second annual NTS Users Conference held Sept. 14-16 in Chicago. Attendees got a ‘sneak peek’ at the new platform as well as demonstrations.

Although the company is yet to issue a formal announcement on the new platform, several attendees commented on the demonstrations they saw at the conference.

‘Loved the future vision of a bundled solution from NTS and further enhancements to their online tools and reporting,’ one attendee said, according to an NTS release.

‘I really liked how NTS gave the end users the ability to discuss their likes, dislikes and ideas,’ another added. ‘Taking all of this into action will allow for a better service offering.’

Meanwhile, the company reports that this year's conference was ‘widely successful and provided clients with software update information, workshops, trainings and demonstrations.’

‘The NTS Users Conference gives our clients a window into the new NTS facility and operations, assistance with challenges they are facing, and an opportunity to work to improve on services and solutions they need,’ said Lori Eshoo, CEO of NTS, adding that the conference also gives customers the opportunity to provide valuable feedback on the development of new products and services.


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