Oakleaf Hires Connally as Managing Director of Mortgage Servicing Solutions


Susan Connally has joined the Oakleaf Group as managing director of mortgage servicing solutions.

Oakleaf is a provider of mortgage loan due diligence, data analytics, financial modeling, and advisory services for the mortgage and financial services industries.

Prior to joining Oakleaf, Connally served as vice president of servicing oversight at Clayton Services. Her experience includes several other roles at Clayton, including director of surveillance, senior operations manager, and risk analyst.

Connally brings valuable experience in mortgage servicing compliance, operational reviews, loan-level compliance test design, and program development to support risk and audit priorities.

In her new role, Connally is responsible for the development and management of Oakleaf’s mortgage servicing solutions, which will include servicing compliance to federal, GSE, and HUD servicing standards, conducting operational reviews, and designing programs to support risk and audit priorities. She will partner with the executive management team to develop new products and support growth as Oakleaf continues to expand its offerings.

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