Ocwen Re-Launches Free Loan-Level Database

Ocwen Financial Corp. has re-launched its free database of loan-level data for the mortgages it services in private-label mortgage-backed securities (MBS).

The database, powered by Altisource's REALPortal platform, provides mortgage investors with access to data on loans serviced by Ocwen, as well as analytical tools and details on processes, procedures and loan performance.

The re-launch comes after investors requested improvements to the platform, including improved access to data and increased bandwidth. Additional functionality is being planned for near-term implementation, the company reports.

Users can search the database by MBS deal name. It includes loan-level data for each active, Ocwen-serviced, transaction from the date the firm began servicing the deal.

The database was compiled over the last 10 years and was recently beta tested with the enhanced user functionality.

‘Ocwen strives to be the most transparent mortgage servicer in the industry, and to provide mortgage loan investors with valuable data and analytics to support their portfolio management process,’ says Ronald Faris, president and CEO of Ocwen, in a release. ‘The broad re-launch of REALPortal offers private label MBS investors granular loan data and analysis on mortgages collateralizing more than 3,000 MBS transactions.’


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