Pavaso Now an Approved Provider of E-Notary Services in Michigan


Mortgage closing software firm Pavaso reports that it is now approved and authorized by the Michigan Secretary of State to support electronic notarization (e-notarization) and remote online notarization (RON) in Michigan.

Last year, the state passed legislation that permits digital notary services.

“It’s an honor to help the people of Michigan realize all the benefits of electronic and remote online notarization,” says Nancy Pratt, vice president of partner relations and government affairs for Pavaso, in a release.

The company worked closely with the Michigan Secretary of State throughout the vetting process.

Pratt says the company was selected in part because it works “hand-in-hand with government officials to comply with state requirements and with settlement providers to create a best-in-class user experience.” 

E-notarization and RON empower notaries, real estate professionals and their customers to enjoy more convenience and streamline real estate closings.

E-notarization is the process of notarizing digital documents in the personal presence (IPEN) of the borrower using an electronic notary seal. It gives customers the ability to access, save and share notarized documents any time, from anywhere.  

RON allows notaries to e-notarize documents online from a different location than their customers, providing a solution to customers who are unable to attend the closing in person, or who want to reduce their travel time and expenses.

Two-way audio-video technology is used to perform and document RON notarizations. The identity of all signors is verified through authentication technology, which securely captures and validates a government-issued photo ID. The signor must also correctly answer knowledge-based identification questions specific to their personal history.

Michigan commissioned notaries must meet state eligibility criteria before they can begin offering these services, which includes a requirement to purchase and register an approved electronic notarization platform.

Pavaso is currently one of only four platforms approved by the state.

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