PennyMac Launches Non-Delegated Correspondent Program

PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust has launched a non-delegated program for acquiring loans through its industry-leading correspondent channel.

New and existing correspondent sellers can now access the underwriting services of PennyMac’s mortgage banking services provider, PennyMac Loan Services, the company says in a release.

The firm’s fulfillment team will review loan eligibility to applicable investor guidelines and requirements.

“The non-delegated program expands the services we offer to correspondent sellers by leveraging the capabilities of our proven and established platform,” says Doug Jones, chief institutional mortgage banking officer for PennyMac, in a release. “We have a dedicated team of industry professionals focused on the successful launch and long-term growth of the non-delegated program.

“By delivering the best-in-class customer service that has made PennyMac the leading non-bank mortgage aggregator, we believe non-delegated deliveries will become an attractive option for many of our existing sellers and help drive growth in new client relationships going forward,” Jones adds.


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