Platinum Data Solutions’ RealView Now Integrated With Connexions Appraisal Management Platform

Platinum Data Solutions' RealView appraisal quality verification technology has now been integrated with InHouse's Connexions appraisal management platform, thus resulting in a more flexible solution for appraisal quality and management.

Platinum Data Solutions is a provider of collateral valuation and risk assessment technologies, while InHouse Inc. is a provider of innovative appraisal management technology for banks, lenders, credit unions and other mortgage originators.

The integration means users can now manage the appraisal process, including verification of appraisal quality and compliance, in a way that precisely meets their business objectives, the companies claim.

‘This integration gives our mutual customers a seamless connection from the most flexible appraisal management platform to the most configurable appraisal quality technology," says Jennifer Creech, CEO of InHouse Inc.

"Lenders are under a lot of pressure from regulators and investors to stay compliant, but they also have the added pressure of needing to stay profitable, which isn't easy in this environment," adds Creech. "Having freedom of choice allows lenders to protect their budgets while still achieving their compliance goals. Providing a direct link to RealView is another step that InHouse is taking to ensure Connexions users have access to the tools to do more and better business, in the way that works best for them."


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