Premium Title Now Integrated With Mortgage Builder LOS

Premium Title, a provider of national title and escrow services, is now integrated with the Mortgage Builder loan origination system (LOS).

That means customers now have the ability to share data and documents between systems. Users also have the ability to auto-populate title fees on a loan estimate; place a title order directly from within the Mortgage Builder system; and receive a quote for title services, along with a compliance certificate guaranteeing those title fees.

The loan estimate or any adjustments in fees associated with the loan are also maintained in the system, ensuring TRID compliance and faster disclosure timelines, says Mortgage Builder, which is owned by Altisource, in a release.

“Our integration with Premium Title represents our continued commitment to our customers to automate all aspects of the closing process,” says Larry Alston, general manager of Mortgage Builder. “By continuing to integrate with industry leaders, we provide our customers the means to close more loans at a lower cost and higher quality, helping ensure full compliance throughout the process.”

“We are pleased to enable our clients with the capability to order title services from Premium Title within the Mortgage Builder LOS,” adds James A. Weld, president of Premium Title. “Our integration with Mortgage Builder makes it easier to bring our quality title services and solutions to customers. We are receiving great feedback from our beta customers regarding the integration and will continue to work to provide our customers with best-in-class features and services.”


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