Prosperity Home Mortgage Using Mortgage Returns’ CRM Solution

Prosperity Home Mortgage is the latest lender to sign up for Mortgage Returns' Web-based TRUE CRM solution, which enables lenders to strengthen relationships with customers, prospects and referral partners to drive revenue and profitability.

With TRUE CRM, Prosperity Home Mortgage will be better able to manage relationships with current, past and future customers. The software also gives the company the ability to communicate with contacts through one-to-one marketing that includes specific details about the contact's account, such as loan rates, terms and payment.

‘We selected Mortgage Returns' CRM and marketing program because the company has a strong reputation in the industry for increasing marketing effectiveness, maximizing return on investment and improving customer retention in a cost-effective manner,’ says Tim Wilson, CEO of Prosperity Home Mortgage, in a release. ‘Mortgage Returns enables us to better serve our clients throughout and beyond the life of their loan, helping to ensure they receive exceptional service and the most competitive mortgage program for their unique needs.’


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