ProVest Partners With Process Server Toolbox

ProVest, a Tampa, Fla.-based national process server management company dedicated to improving the default servicing industry, has partnered with Database Services Inc. (DBS), the makers of the Process Server's Toolbox (PST) software. According to ProVest, the companies will provide an interface that reduces reporting time and data entry for process servers facing record-high foreclosure volumes.

PST allows process serving companies of any size to manage the data tracking work in progress and produce affidavits of service, invoices, statements, server reports and more. The integration with ProVest will automatically update PST data into ProVest's proprietary management system, TRACKER.

ProVest adds that it will continue its partnership with DBS as the companies develop interfaces to automatically transfer documents electronically, such as affidavits and images, which allow information to follow freely at a limited cost and with no extra time commitment.


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