Quandis Joins Forces With Amazon Web Services Partner Network

Foothill Ranch, Calif.-based Quandis Inc., a provider of default management technology solutions, has become a technology partner of Amazon's Web Services (AWS) Partner Network.

Quandis says joining AWS Partner Network reinforces Quandis' software development and maintenance approach to building, migrating and managing client infrastructures within the cloud. Strengthening its relationship with AWS better positions Quandis to expand operations and facilitate use of the comprehensive benefits that AWS offers, according to Quandis.

‘We've been using AWS cloud-based storage services for quite some time to cost-effectively and efficiently support our enterprise-level client base," says Eric Patrick, chief technology officer of Quandis. ‘By joining AWS Partner Network, we are able to take advantage of a number of different services that benefit us. It allows us to further scale our technology, and it provides us with additional expertise in managing data that resides in the cloud.’


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