Rekon Technologies Launches Rekon WorkFlow

Rekon Technologies, a provider of lien release and assignment and document management software, has launched Rekon WorkFlow, a new version of its Rekon software, the company's lien release technology.

According to the company, one of the new features is the product's ability to automatically balance and prioritize workloads: When delegating files, the software automatically evaluates relevant employees' work queues, assesses the time requirements for the file at hand and assigns those files to the most appropriate staff member based on current workloads.

The software evaluates workloads in real time and covers activity for processors, as well as for signers and notaries, Rekon notes.

The company says that another upgrade is the software's enhanced ability to fulfill manual processes automatically, such as auto-calculating recording fees and auto-generating recording fee checks.

It also uses an intelligent printing and processing order, so documents and checks are printed according to file order or placed in the software's eRecording queue.

Rekon says the technology also tracks process details much more closely than previous versions of the product. It logs start and end times for each event in the lien release and assignment process – which enables servicers to achieve better staff performance, productivity and quality, the company claims.


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