RELAY Integrates With CoreLogic’s LoanSafe

CoreLogic's LoanSafe Fraud Manager Suite has been integrated into Blueberry Systems' RELAY loan production platform. As a result, users of the RELAY system will have problematic loans automatically directed to an appropriate user, while acceptable loans will continue through production unimpeded, the companies explain.

‘There are three facets to data integrity,’ says Lloyd Booth, president of Blueberry Systems. ‘Completeness, accuracy and truthfulness. Traditionally, LOS vendors have focused only on the first two. Even if the data entered is complete and remains intact, garbage in is still garbage out.’

RELAY employs a universal data model, using its proprietary Conductor technology, to integrate various systems and applications into a single workflow. This modeling eliminates data silos and the need for duplicate or staggered data entry, Blueberry Systems says.

SOURCES: Blueberry Systems, CoreLogic


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