Rentsys Helps Companies Restore Workstations Faster After Disaster

Business continuity solutions provider Rentsys Recovery Services has launched a new solution that enables financial services providers to recover workstations even faster after a disaster has occurred.

The company's Black Cloud Virtual Office solution speeds up recovery of key applications, reduces costs and enhances compliance, the company claims in a press release.

The solution allows users to access workstations from any location or device with an Internet connection and eliminates the cost of having to buy and maintain expensive hardware, such as computers.

Additionally, financial services providers are able to meet regulatory requirements regarding recovery time, retrieve key applications, such as email, in real-time and reduce the risk of losing important data during an unplanned outage or disaster.

‘Our Black Cloud Virtual Office solution gives organizations the ability to recover operations in minutes rather than days or weeks, minimizes loss of employee productivity during a crisis and enhances regulatory compliance,’ says Brandon Tanner, senior manager at Rentsys, in the release.


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