Residential Home Funding Uses Vantage Production’s CRM Platform

Vantage Production, a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, has announced the implementation of its Vantage Integrated ProductionSM (VIP) platform by Residential Home Funding.

According to Vantage Production, Residential Home Funding is launching VIP in stages, first implementing the CRM capabilities and automated marketing events through the consumer direct channel.

The next step is to introduce VIP's sales proposal and presentation features with compliant tracking capabilities. Additional sales automation and in-process loan communications are the final stage, cementing borrower relationships and heightening conversion results.

"We wanted an integrated system that could drive our marketing efforts across all of our origination channels," explains Tom Marinaro, president of Residential Home Funding.

"VIP will provide us with real-time integration with our loan origination system and our product and pricing engine," he continues. "This will enable us to be more effective in our call center, our retail operations and our "Mortgages for Champions' affinity business, as we work with customers all the way through the loan cycle."


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