Retreat Capital Deploys AnswerMine Tech For Predictive Modeling Services

Retreat Capital Management Group, an end-to-end provider of loss mitigation services, has deployed analytic software from Evanston, Ill.-based AnswerMine to power its predictive modeling services.

‘There's no question that a certain percentage of foreclosures could be prevented if the lender or servicer would proactively present the borrower an appropriate solution,’ says Arvin Wijay, CEO of Retreat Capital. ‘There are a variety of foreclosure alternative options, but lenders need to determine which solution is the best fit for each borrower, and do so fast enough to prevent the mortgage from becoming delinquent or getting closer to foreclosure."

Retreat Capital's predictive modeling services were created for lenders and servicers that want to implement targeted mortgage restructuring, retention and originations, the company says. These services, which are fully configurable, offer improved service scoring and early warning indicators for mortgage valuation models, while ensuring that any chosen alternative solution is successful on a net-present-value basis.
SOURCE: Retreat Capital Management Group


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