RMOriginator Releases Origination Software


RMOriginator has introduced RMOriginator, a Web-based solution specifically created to increase revenue and reduce costs for originators by streamlining and simplifying the origination process.

Using a rule-based engine, the conditions are created at application. The correct documents are selected and auto-filled based on the loan product selected and the individual borrower's circumstance, the firm explains. This package is generated with one click and is signature-ready.

‘That is just the beginning,’ says Mark Lee, RMOriginator president. ‘The days of downloading application package templates, sorting out what might apply, and filling them out by hand are over.’

RMOriginator uses an integrated calculator for each loan and automatically updates rates, retrieves HUD case numbers and CAIVERS authorization. It also utilizes a feature called Follow the Red, which automatically identifies issues that need immediate attention.

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