SLS Hires Ronald Rooney As A Senior Vice President Of Mortgage Operations

Ronald Rooney has joined Specialized Loan Servicing (SLS) as a senior vice president of mortgage operations.

Specifically, Rooney will lead SLS' Specialized Asset Management LLC service line, which provides asset marketing and disposition services to mortgage lenders, servicers and investors.

Rooney worked at CoreLogic for more than 20 years in various leadership roles. There, he managed a stand-alone business unit, created and marketed new product lines, managed multiple production facilities, and implemented process improvements, among other responsibilities.

Specialized Asset Management was formed in 2009 primarily to serve SLS and its investors. Under Rooney's leadership, the division will focus on both marketing and managing assets and deliver a full range of asset management services, including REO property marketing, broker price opinion valuations and title services.

‘We have aligned the Specialized Asset Management business to the SLS brand internally and externally,’ says Toby Wells, chief financial officer for SLS, in a release. ‘Our services range from mortgage to REO options, and we will continue to offer a seamless approach for our clients.’

SLS' current clients include banks, REITs, private equity firms, bond insurers and other diversified financial institutions.


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