Sterling National Receives ISO Certification Of Tax Management Ops

Sterling National Corp., a specialty insurance provider and wholly owned member company of QBE, has expanded its ISO 9001:2008 certification program. ISO 9001 is an internal quality management system standard, originally published in 1987 by the International Organization for Standardization, that demonstrates a company's ability to consistently provide products or services meeting customer and legal requirements.

Sterling National received the initial ISO Quality Management designation in July 2008, which covered its system for monitoring and placing lender-placed hazard and flood insurance.

The expansion of the internationally recognized certification standards extends to the processes managing real estate tax payments. The certification comes at the conclusion of an audit performed by independent ISO registrar NQA, the company says, adding that each of the audited functions is a core service offered by Sterling National.Â

Certification of the company's real estate tax management operations follows the May 2009 re-certification of its initial quality programs and the successful April 2010 ISO 9001:2008 annual Surveillance Audit of its two primary lender-placed operations centers.

SOURCE: Sterling National Corp.


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