United States Appraisals Debuts Proprietary Operating System

Overland Park, Kan.-based United States Appraisals has announced the launch of its new proprietary operating system.

According to the company, the new operating system eliminates redundancies in processes that reduce the chance of errors, while also increasing speed and efficiency. The new platform will also allow United States Appraisals to easily add new products and integrate with loan origination systems as it continues to add new clients, the company says.

‘Basically, we re-engineered the entire business process and provided tools to allow all parties to operate faster and more efficiently,’ says Dan Wieschhaus, chief technology officer. ‘Among the improvements are enhanced proximity and quality qualifiers to speed and perfect appraiser assignment, the ability for appraisers to review and accept orders from their mobile phones, and streamlined pipeline views to allow better management of the increasing number of appraisal orders.’


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